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Source Title: Introduces Dynamic Suggestions
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I have to agree with Sean at Organized Shopping about's new dynamic suggestions solution: It's much more intuitive than a dropdown box!

In fact, i think that's really, really smart. Once you understand that it's going to happen, it's really quite easy to use - i guess that's just clever JS right?


Yes, Much Better

Now if only I could get every query variation, I'd have yet another kw research tool :)

Not just 'start with'

Nifty. It's not just the usual tool that finds phrases that start with the characters you type, it also comes up with instances where your phrase occurs within the suggestion.


This is good. G or Y should copy this real quickly.


I already found some odd product searches I hadn't seen before. Hopefully, eBay will follow suit w/ a suggestion script of their own.

Not bad but

The fact that it reloads for every letter makes for annoying flickering in Firefox. A much more elegant solution would have been something like AJAX. In other words, having the script that does the querying tucked away in an iframe, and feeding the data to the main page's div via JavaScript.

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