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Ever wondered what your site looks like on a Mac? This site allows you to enter a URL and it shows a screen shot of what the site looks like in 3 browsers - Safari 2.0, IE 5.2.3 and Mozilla 1.7.7.

Interestingly, Threadwatch comes up strangely in Safari and IE.



I swear by, allows you to do the same but in many more platforms. Even has VNC access to macs and pc setups

everything comes up

everything comes up strangely in IE on a mac.

Sounds like a good idea

This could be really useful - especially if you don't have a friend to check it for you
online. My initial tests have shown that a great deal of patience is required, but that may
be because everybody from here has gone to test it at the same time and killed the baby...

Browsercam is very cool - but also kinda expensive so anything thats free must be a bonus :)

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