Espotting & FindWhat Rebrand as "Miva"

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Espotting and Findwhat re-brand as Miva
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", the US-based owners of search marketing firm Espotting, has announced it is changing its name to Miva, to unite its international businesses under a single, integrated brand." Miva?! Where on earth did they get that from...?"


FindWhat / Miva

That deal got closed in Sept 2003. FW bought the Miva Corp. to get their hands on the e-comm software. I guess that they have determined that "Miva" is the least tarnished brand in their portfolio, and therefore the on they should "globalize" under

Didn't realise cometsystems

Didn't realise cometsystems was part of the package. Now there's a tarnished brand.

keep an eye on them, the

keep an eye on them, the stock has dropped about 75% over the last 6 months. if this continues it might be cheaper for overture to just buy them instead of paying the lawyers for the patent case

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