Google's Plans for Adsense Spam Sites

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The beginning of the end for AS spam publishers..?
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Scraper sites for Adsense $$$'s are rife, and have been for some time now. Wmw member Freedom sums up some responses from G's anonymous webmaster relations jobbie, GoogleGuy, over what can be done to stop Adsense spam...

Freedom, fair points--I hate spam pages that use AdSense. I'm talking to some people on that side of the company about how to get spam out of AdSense. It may be that we can designate a keyword to use (like "spamreport") in the "Ads by Goooogle" feedback link. A few weeks ago, that form didn't send back the publisher id as well, or at least not in the database that I saw. I think that they were going to add that though. Once that's working, it would provide a simple way to report a spam page with AdSense right from that page.
Ask folks about this more in New Orleans too, but I'm working on it. In the meantime, use the Campaign Negative Sites feature of AdWords to specify any sites that you don't want your ads to show on. That's an indirect signal of feedback as well.

And there's more, check the post

So, bearing in mind this is only some vage'ish ideas at present, are we to see this as GOOG getting the public (or worse, webmasters) doing their job for them, and more importantly, will it help?


play out craig's book does this as well - leverage the user base to flag spam content. i'm not sure how well it works, but it's a great way to leverage the community

Getting the public to report... a good idea but the fact is that Google won't even listen to advertisers with click fraud reports. At the moment its a cash cash situation for them. Only if advertisers start to moann and leave will they take notice of spammy sites.

I agree with gimpy that it will be Webmasters with spammy sites trying to take out other spammy sites.

Google has to realise that these spammy sites are providing a service to the users of their search engine. They are helping them find what they are looking for ;)

google accept it

By the way they change the terms and conditions, and allow people to say which sites they don't have there ads on.

Plus they like the cash:)


whats the point?

I ask what's the point of emailing or notifying Google about scrapper sites, if they ever get around to reading your email, you'll probably never get a response and unfortunately like most things at Google they'll do nothing about it as long as the money keeps flooding in.

clamp down

I've reported a few over the last few days:

- Ok I admit one was a competitor, but it was a big time scraper (taking stuff from my site too) with adsense and other affiliates plastered all over zero content. I said to google I was annoyed that sites like that slip the vetting procedure due to being added to an already existing adsense account. Automated response, I still see the scraper so Im going to keep mailing until its gone!

- Some cheeky bugger spammed one of my blogs recently, basically asking users to visit his site and click his blog. The comment was held for moderation, needless to say this was forwarded straight to adsense abuse will his IP / email address and so forth ;)

- Last one is someone who has a sort of scraper, basically they have

The main domain has PR 6-7, and he has 5000+ of these spammy unrelated subdirectories indexed. This one was very borderline so can only wait and see.

Im all for an easy little button , you click 'ads by google' and there should be an option to report spam/abuse easily. The article mentions the affiliateID of the spammer wasn't sent originally, come on google whats the point in it then!

I blame spam sites for a decrease in adsense CTR across the board, people are getting banner blindess as they are seeing it on more and more crap sites.


I pretty much feel Googles little army of spam detectors should be dealing with Adsense spam without our unpaid and probably biased help in reporting sites.

You'd expect a company which has a list of everywhere it displays ads to be able to work through the list and visit each site randomly once in a year if they wanted to stop it. Labour is cheap after all and if they just got rid of the blatent crud that would please the users.

Perhaps not the shareholders though....

You don't build a business by...

...waiting for other companies to do what they should do. Sometimes you are stuck with doing what you have to do to get something done.

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