Microsoft to go XML with Office

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Microsoft have announced their intention to use XML as the file format for Office 12 in the second half of next year. For those using other office products, such as this is surely good news as the standards will be free and open to all...


The introduction of a

The introduction of a default XML format, Microsoft Office XML Open Format, is one of our key innovations.

Open source and XML schemas have long existed, and its simply because businesses are adopting these new methods that Microsoft are 'innovating' their way into the market.

because these capabilities [...] are exactly what customers have asked us for.


Customers who use these versions can download a innovative, free patch we created that allows them to open, edit and save files using the new format

Truly, an innovative patch! And free, too!

le sigh.

"this is surely good news as

"this is surely good news as the standards will be free and open to all..."

Nope.. MS have patented the XML format and licenced it in such a way that makes it hard for open source software to interoperate.

2nd Time Around

Didn't Microsoft say this about the last iteration of Office as well?

Office 2003 (Office 11)

Office 2003 (Office 11) reads XML - I have made applications in Excel that reads that file format. Nothing special.

OTOH, I doubt that "Microsoft Office XML Open Format" is XML as we know it. A few "enhancements" should be expected...

xml - solution looking for a problem

too verbose
too many angle brackets
too slow to process

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