Directories being Targeted by Google?

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'Directories' category banned by google?
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According to the members at the DP forums, several directory categories in high profile sites such as Dmoz and Yahoo have been blanked out of PageRank. We've talked in the past about Google targeting directory sites for various reasons, but this time it comes with a twist, cutting off PR at major sources. Those blanked out categories include...

Interesting move, but not so surprising...

thanks for the tip, Brian.


As you say Not surprising

A quite cute way of depressing the value of the many directories in the index, without removing them completely.

My Money Says...'s a temporary glitch.

temporary glitch?

Well I find it odd that DMOZ, Google Directory and Yahoo were all affected simultaneously - in the same categories - that doesn't seem like a temporary glitch - none of the pages are even cached.

Few Days Now

I posted a passing comment on this in the big WW update thread on 5/20. Also noted that Amazon is all white, but honestly have no clue if Amazon's status is new or not; haven't looked there in ages.

Anyway, the white outs in the big directories are very selective, and in my view just remove dupication, i.e., directory listings of directory listings. The core content directory sub's (even in the same cat's) are not affected. No big deal really.

one of my friends

pointed me at the blank Google Directory : Directories PageRank like over a month ago I think.

they might be trying to put the hint out to try to have us market this for them though. they sit in a position of great power.


Gabs, since Nick is in Stansted right now, lemme step up and say: don't forget to introduce yourself buddy. : )


I agree with caveman, "no big deal". What serp has been impacted by this?

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