Put the ODP out of it's Misery

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Time for the ODP to close?
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When something gets too old, too sick and too tired to feed itself, the kindest thing to do is put it out of it's misery. So says Peter, commenting on Danny's thoughts along the same lines...

Personally, I think it simply requires a new name and a new directive. "The Closed Directory Project: We Want To Be Alone".

I think the ODP should bow out, rather than prolong the farce that it's become...


Where to start...

From the forum post anouncing the decision:

The original mandate of this forum was to put a better light on the ODP by allowing the public to interact directly with the editors. At some point the submission status requests seem to have taken over and almost become the focus.

Where do you start with something like that? They should all just go home before it gets any worse.

They should all just go home before it gets any worse.

I've been saying that about Star Wars for years. Didn't work either, they just keep on going...


Lack of accountability and communication at DMOZ mean threads like this are going to keep coming up:



I always thought the status check forum was a bad idea and am glad its gone. The zen like answers were not much help, editors time would be better spent dealing with submissions and maintaining data.

Posts predicting/calling for an end of the ODP used to occur much more often, maybe the this infrequency is sign it’s losing popularity and coming to an end


It's one of those topics that you can use when you don't have anything of interest to say.

Google World Domination stories
Microsoft World Domination stories
etc etc

I'll bet we see 'new Google update still full of spam' stories abounding over the next couple of weeks.

It was useful

A couple of times I had submissions that disappeared into the great blue yonder.
The guys at RZ said to submit again and the sites then made it in.
If DMOZ weren't so broken there wouldn't be so much bad feeling towards it.

Agreed - looks like the vultures are circling

Will definitely miss the ODP. I think it's agreed that something like this still has value and need, so I hope something changes over there. There are a lot of variables.

rotting at the roots

A couple of times I had submissions that disappeared into the great blue yonder.

ALL of my submissions have gone into the bit bucket.

The tree that was pruned in Nick's other post on this subject is no surprise. One portion of the tree is maintained by an industry consultant who is missing in action, but his profile remains accurately maintained. I know who the editor is and recognise the various bits he writes on security sites. Curious that he would not be interested in reviewing new security related sites.

The meta editors do not seem interested in accepting any new editors in training in that tree. So the rot continues.

The directory is *absolutely* useless as a ranking root because it is no longer a representative sample of the internet.

Why Bother?

I put ODP out of my misery. Simple really, don't submit, don't expect to be included and go on with life.


I put ODP out of my misery.

Rather like this idea: What other people think of me is none of my business.

The ODP hasn't aggravated me in years... :-)

submission status forum

That forum was for masochists anyway, it was just as well that it got closed - you get people like KC Tipton verbally abusing every person who questioned the status of their submission.

The only way to deal with DMOZ is submit and forget, if that. To be honest I haven't submitted a site there in at least a year.

Then there are people like this guy: http://www.corruptdmozeditor.com/


Well I haven't submitted anything in the last couple of years. Just using the past experience to highlight how miserable the experience was.

The point remains that it is absolutely useless as a *representative* sample of the internet due to the noise factor introduced by the personal preferences and agendas of the editors.

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