Internet Porn Sales Outlawed in UK

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UK High Court Outlaws DVD and Video Sales Online
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The Register is reporting that Lord Justice Maurice Kay and Mr Justice Newman have handed their view on the appeals of Interfact Limited v Enviromental Health And Trading Standards Division and Pabo Ltd v Liverpool City Council. Their ruling effectively makes the sale of porn online in the UK illegal...

late yesterday, the 23rd of May 2005.

The High Court was asked to decide whether adult-only pornographic videos and DVDs can be sold by licensed sex shops on the internet. The two (very) senior judges were told today that overseas sex industry rivals would benefit and “the local economy” suffer if sales by mail order and on the telephone by UK companies were ruled unlawful.

Two test cases are being brought by licensed sex businesses fined thousands of pounds after prosecutions were brought against them by Liverpool City Council’s trading standards department.

Interfact Ltd, an Essex-based mail order shopping company, and Pabo Ltd, based in Birmingham, were both found guilty at Liverpool Magistrates’ Court in April last year of contravening the 1984 Video Recordings Act by supplying, or offering to supply, the “R18” classified videos featured in their website catalogues.

The prosecutions occurred following investigations by trading standards officer Allan Auty, who made test purchases of explicit films, with titles such as Bikers’ Gang Bang and Top Marks for Effort, which can only be sold to those aged over 18.

The district judges held that, under the 1984 Act, the videos were restricted to customers calling “in person” at licensed sex establishments, and not for sale on the internet.

The Reg says:

Sex shops in the UK cannot sell adult material except to people who visit their premises. The High Court ruled yesterday that such restrictions are legal because they help prevent pornography being bought by children.

and also reports that

.. the judgement said the restrictions are lawful. The main reason for ensuring a face-to-face meeting between seller and buyer was to make sure the buyer was old enough.

Lord Justice Kay accepted that children under 18 might manage to subvert such restrictions but that did not justify removing them.

What does this mean for UK Porn sales online?



As an addon view I believe the judgement will also restrict sales of adult material via Sky, Cable TV and mobile phones by British Business.

All of those are essentially the same. IE - Not in person sales of adult material.

If anyone has contact details for either Pablo Ltd. Interfact Ltd or their solicitors could you get in touch so I can ask them for comment. So far I have failed in trying to find their details, but way well pop down to Interfact's offices if need be. I would prefer (as I am sure they would as well) the phone though :)


I understand what they are trying to do. I do not think they are being honest about the Internet. If a kid has access to the internet then they can visit many free porn websites and download free videos. If they are a rich lazy kid they can still buy the porn from overseas. This is bad news for the UK adult industry and great news for everyone else.

Then along comes U.S. proposal 2257

Headaches for U.S. based pr0n.


- does that mean that i can soon sell pr0n to UK (and US) legally without competition from those two countries?

wow... just, wow...

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