Mirago Launch Adsense-like product

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I received an email a short while ago from Mirago (yeah, anyone else here remember them?) who aparently are launching a product (23rd of May) that would appear to be competing with Adsense..

Welcome to Context Stream® – the brand new revenue stream for your website.

What is Context Stream®
Context Stream® is Mirago’s contextual product. Put simply, it detects the ‘theme’ of the pages on your website and delivers targeted adverts (Mirago Featured Sites) straight to your visitors.

Put Context Stream® on your website and you’ll earn revenue from each click.
With very little effort on your part, Context Stream® will add a trouble-free revenue stream to your website and enhance your page content.

Unfortunatly at the time of writing this they don't have any linkable press releases yet (which does not supprise me..) nor does this product appear to be mentioned anywhere on Google, except for a small mention on the UK Patent office website, which means you are reading the story here first on threadwatch.

For those of you not familiar with Mirago.... their current partner product was the spam sites of 2000, basically an XML feed of PPC ad's that you put on your pages with PHP and whatever other sample code they give you :p

Unlike Google who send you a cheque at the end of the month with no extra work on your part.. with Mirago YOU have to send THEM an invoice to request your earnings.. kind of a shock if you're used to getting cheque's delivered to your door while sitting on your arse doing nothing :)

Still if you've been kicked out of every other network on the planet, this might be a useful last resort :)



>>remember them?

Hey, don't knock Mirago, not untill they've forked out the money they promised us for Beer at Stansted anyway hehehe!

Didn't tell me about it two weeks ago

I was talking to them, looking for something like this from them. Glad its come, I think it will be a great addition to the portfolio of potential advertising revenue streams.


I was supprised you guys knew of them and by the sounds of things some of you work with them.. maybe I underestimated you all :)

I think if Mirago are going to make any real impact in the future they need to concentrate less on the corporate bollocks and concentrate more producing new and innovative products.

While creating an invoice to get some money out of them each month doesnt seem a like a big deal, when you consider that just about every other ad network/company in the world sends you the money automatically, it does become an inconveinence..

(IMO) Mirago do not have a big a brand as their competitors Google, Yahoo, (and even Kanoodle), the only way they really stand any chance of gaining publisher market share is to offer features/benifits that other Ad networks do not.. Thats after fixing current "issues" such as their dated and mostly useless publisher interface that hasnt been changed once in 2 years and sorting out the reporting which lags by 24 hours on a good day.

Despite what it sounds like I am not knocking Mirago :) just pointing out way's they could put themselves on a level, and possibly exceed their competitors.. Overall Mirago are still good company to work with, and have good payouts and publisher support in my experience.


I have met a few people from Mirago several times at several different shows and conferences!

Henry comes by and crawls my sites once in a blue moon as well :)

it goes live today

anyone going to give it a spin..


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