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Best Crime Mapping Yet
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Steve Outing writes:

The site is an interactive and visual database of crimes committed in Chicago. A really cool feature is the site's use of Google Maps integrated into the crime-stats listings. Here's an example page.And
as you may know, you can flip a Google Map to satellite view -- in this
case pinpointing down to the street level where crimes occurred, as
seen in the image below. (I doubt these flags on the image are accurate
down to the building, of course, but they do clearly indicate on which
block a crime was committed.)

I'm surprised no newspaper companies have come out with this already. Ok, I lied, I'm not that surprised. The person who developed the site (Adrian Holovaty) is a journalist, though.

I can see the idea popping up in other cities - maybe tied to a real estate website? Well, maybe not real estate sites. I think it does have some real world applications, though.



just like SimCity.

overlay crime, fires, floods, school scores, tax / economic growth, pollution

of course as data becomes freely available to show common problem areas, it also shows some people where they are least expected and most likely able to get away with certain types of crimes

i hadn't thought of the crime uses

but it would be cool to see overlays with income levels.

i bet you could pull that for free from census data?

how is this done?

I have a great use for something like this on a site, but I'm not much of a coder. Could anyone give me some pointers on how this is done? Also, does Google allow this? I didn't see an API or anything.

you might try

emailing chicagocrime(at) and asking Adrian, who programmed it.

someone else did something similar a while back with landmarks on a walk he went on or something, IIRC...

here's another combination

google maps and craigslist:

housing maps


looks like there's talk of a google maps API as well, which would make it easy, i imagine to tie the maps to a commerce backend of some sort...

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