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Adwords Blog
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The adwords team now have a blog..

Here’s what you’ll find when you visit…
- Updates on enhancements we've made to the system
- Thoughts on things that advertisers have been asking about
- Tips on getting the most from AdWords
- Details on tools we think you'll find useful
- Links to articles you might find interesting

That’s it. We’ll try and post every few days, and hope that you'll come back often.


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Perhaps Google is indeed learning something about PR. A new blog is designed to give tips on using AdWords (!), advise about downtime (eg account access off for 45 minutes on this Friday), and perhaps to make you feel (even) better about Google in general and AdWords in particular. If they actually keep it up to date, certainly a step in the right communications direction with their customers.


I have to say this was a lame blog from the innovators of search... my 12 year-old could write better...


they also said they did not want any adwords feedback via the blog and have comments disabled. what is the point?

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