Senate Says OK to Wine by Web

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Cross State line Wine sales Legitimised in the US
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El Reg are reporting on the Senate's ruling allowing Vintners equal access to out-of-state drinkers

For American wine vendors this is an important ruling as prior to it, it was illegal to sell wine to consumers in New York or Michigan, if the vendor was based outside those states.

The San Francisco Chronicle says:

The 5-4 decision struck down state laws in New York and Michigan that permitted local wineries to ship directly to consumers, but did not allow California and other out-of-state wineries the same right.

Kathleen Sullivan, former dean of Stanford Law School, who argued the case on behalf of wineries and consumers. says:

[The decision] wipes out with one stroke the discriminatory laws of the states that restrict out-of-state shipments.

A pleasant side effect of this ruling is the opening up of a market place that was previously held back by 2 states' laws.

I expect to see a huge increase in competition and an expansion of an already huge industry selling wine to the American marketplace via the Web. Although the case was brought by Californian Vinters, I forsee French, Italian, German, Australian (and maybe even some British) vineries utilising this opportunity to increase their sales online.

Will you be there selling wine online?



We have several winery clients who are quite thrilled with this development. And from a development perspective, it'll be nice not to have to custom-code databases and carts to allow wine shipments to only 13 states that have had reciprocal agreements in place.


*looking for affiliate programs now*

Already there

Not selling into the US much at the moment though $ is much too weak.

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