Dan Gillmor's Grass Roots Media Project Launches

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Moving Day...
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Dan Gillmor, ex Merc Journo and head citizen journalism evangelist has finally launched Bayosphere. It'll be an interesting project in it's execution at least as it's content is specific to the Bay Area, but what really impresses me (can ya see it coming?) is that he's a sensible lad and is using Drupal to power it :)

The promise of the Internet was simple, but incredibly powerful: to be a medium through which we could connect and collaborate, for mutual benefit. It's happening. As the Net matures, we are learning to write as easily and fluently as we read.

At Bayosphere, we're going to create a community fueled by that notion. We will reflect -- and reflect on -- the news, needs and ideas of the San Francisco Bay Area and especially the technology sphere that is the prime economic driver of the area.

But, hey Dan! You need to change the favicon.ico in your root directory mate, you've still got the default Drupal one in there....