Still Waiting for Yahoo's RSS Link on SERPS

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Yahoo Search Results in RSS
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I'm not sure that many are aware that you can now (and have been able to for about a month) get Yahoo SERPS in RSS, but there's a small problem...

They have the link in the <head> of the page, and Firefox will "autodiscover" it and produce the orange RSS icon at the bottom of your browser, but there is no link to the feed on the actual SERPS.

This means that you have to go to quite some effort to use a particular feed.

I did speak to Yahoo! about this a few weeks back and they told me it was going to be sorted, and i really hope it will be (hence this little reminder :) as it's a neat feature...

Who needs an API when you can just use a simple RSS feeds for simpler tasks eh?


I was actually referring to Yahoo News

The link above was actually referring to Yahoo News searches in RSS. That has been available since at least 2003. I didn't realize there was a hidden link to automatic RSS feeds for regular SERPs. It could be quite a nifty content generator, eg: red widgets RSS feed.


hehe, bad eyesight AND a habbit of speed reading does not always work as planned :)

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