Firefox Crash Bug Found

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Funny how when an app gets real popular, all manner of bugs and security flaws turn up eh? Paul Mutton has discovered a way to crash Firefox with javascript, you can test it safely here. Just remember to save any open tabs before trying it :)


Well, it

Well, it works. Glad I'm an Opera kinda girl.

Oh well

So Firefox isn't perfect, its still a lot better than IE. I had a relative stay with me for 2 weeks last month who was regularly using my main computer and insisted on using IE. After being clear of "bad stuff" for the entire time I've been on Firefox I ran AdAware after he left, it went nuts, and it was the latest version of IE with updates as well (I don't use it but I occasionaly use it for testing so I keep it up to date). Give me Firefox for security and tabs any day.

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