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Source Title: launches - “Use our stuff to build your stuff.”
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Very, very nice: launches, and looks like it has a ton of stuff to offer - a kind of dev network for BBC content... is the BBC's new developer network, providing content feeds for anyone to build with. Alternatively, share your ideas on new ways to use BBC content. This is your BBC. We want to help you play. is currently in beta as we add new feeds and APIs and develop the service further over the coming weeks and months. Join the email discussion list to tell us how we could improve the service and converse with others about BBC Backstage.


subject to the usual RSS feed catch-phrase....


For non-commercial sites

"Use the APIs or RSS feeds ('BBC Content') for your own personal and non-commercial use"


Yeah, if you wanted to use that commercially you'd have to get a little creative with what you did with the raw feed before displaying it. I can think of a few things that would render it untraceable (by machine) but not wreck the content to the point of nonsense....


I was wondering if it was possible to pull in a RSS feed discreetly. Do tell.


Well, i'd be tempted, were i to want to use an RSS feed that way, to use something like that Yahoo auto linker tool, a custom scraper for a synonym service and do some general regex and url replacement...

It's just data at the end of the day, and as the trendier blog puppies are so fond of spouting all the time, it's just remixing... heh..

Synonym service

Still looking for something useful on that line - not so much for scraping RSS feeds but for content generation based on existing copy.

Any pointers?


Unfortunately not, it's just theory...

Though i've heard that scraping part of the adwords suggestion tools works this way? - maybe i don't remember so well...

Yeah, but

that's not really scientific, heh - need something more comprehensive than that.

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