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Ultra Cool SEO Tool
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I've no idea how long this very neat seo tool has been live, but it's new on me, and it really is bristling with gadgets and widgets...

Ralph likes it too

This search engine (based on Google’s API) is one of the coolest SEO / SEM tools we’ve seen in a long time

I won't list all the features, it'd take me all night, but do check it out if you've not seen it, it's a winner...



Yup, spotted that on SeoGuy's forum.

It's sweet, as in: it combines a lot of "move-on-from-here" type tools on one serp. I always like a bit of one-stop stuff like that, even if the original tools are all well-known.

One-stop = time-saver, as most TW members will know by now :-]


very neat

Improvements: Better search results and GoogleNews...

Very cool, I'm going to use this from time to time.

Two improvements could really help it:

(1) It could use some improvement in the search relevance. Type in an exact site url (eg, sometimes the actual site is halfway down the page.

(2) Could use recent headlines from GoogleNews.

Seems to have gone blank today

Went back to take a look at this again, and its a blank page there now

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