Hit the required/set number of Google reconsideration requests???

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Here's a neat journey of a penalized website towards the freedom. Lots of ours of work, lots of research.. at the end they just sent a quick "Hello..." in their reconsideration request... and the penalty got lifted!

Hit the required number of reconsideration requests??? :)

Now, I don't (I can't :)) think all of the reconsideration requests are handled like that... But if you keep coming across ridiculous stories like this, you can't help wondering...

Oh well, another proof of why manual penalties are so flawed...


Radomly lifted

We have a company that approached us.. they had over 100 manual actions against their large number of subdomains...   They sent in a reconsideration request on one subdomain, and suddenly, the manual actions are just disappearing across the other subdomains.   It is important to note these were mostly unnatural linking related penalties, and the reconsideration request that was sent basically said this is a UGC site, we don't want these affecting the parent domain, and we are banning users, can you give us some advice on how to handle the large number of actions.


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