AOL Join the Free Email Frenzy with 2GB Service

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AOL will start offering free email service from today. It will be integrated with AIM. With Yahoo and Google already jostling for storage stats on the free email scene it makes you wonder if it'll make any kind of splash with users at all...

AOL is offering 2GB of storage space, and aims to fund it through banner advertisement.

They are also planning to rewrite the AIM messenger to allow users to access voice mail, email, and instant messages from a single program.

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What They Fail To Mention Is...

AOL has lost 500,000+ subscribers already this year. The aol free email is going to come from ""...not

The biggest thing AOL has is AIM...its by far the most used IM network. Thats why they are trying to tie everything into that.

If they did not have people locked up into AIM... they would be losing a lot more members.


Glad to see it didn't take very long to get through all the red tape. They got some great innovative ideas coming out of that think tank huh?


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