Spyware and Search Engines

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Big Firms' Ad Bucks Also Fund Spyware
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An LA Times article manages to link the "usual suspects", (Claria, FindWhat, Intermix, etc) and blue chip companies using them (Dell, British Airways, JPO Morgan, Disney). The Times claims to have got Commission Junction to suspend dealing with a number of companies like Exact Advertising and 180Solutions. The article both names names and sets out to educate readers on what spyware is and does. Yahoo do not come out of it well either.

Some of the biggest search companies, including Yahoo Inc., are also putting money behind programs some consumers can't stand. Yahoo's Overture ad division, recently renamed Yahoo Search Marketing, has a long-standing relationship with Claria Corp., an ad-supported company that installs pop-up ad software. Yahoo places copies of its clients' ads on Claria, splitting revenue that results from that business. In a withdrawn filing for a public stock sale last year, Claria said the arrangement brought in 31% of its $90 million in 2003 revenue.

FindWhat are not exactly falling over themselves to sort it

FindWhat President Phillip Thune said an affiliate's sub-affiliate, which had since been dismissed, had violated FindWhat's policies in pursuit of a referral fee. But a spokeswoman said the publicly traded Fort Myers, Fla., company never learned who the sub-affiliate was and couldn't be sure the main affiliate wouldn't strike a similar deal soon — even with the same sub-affiliate



And Jeeves don't look to hot lately either....

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