Sugar Rae's MUST READ rant on Mainstream Media, Panda, Metafilter

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Sugar Rae has done it again. Here's just a small excerpt to hopefully get you to go read and share her post: 

"With MetaFilter’s decline comes the mainstream media’s attention on Panda. The mainstream media who – until now – had their head in the sand, happily lapping up the Google Propaganda. Believing hook, line and sinker that any business hit by a Google penalty is a spammer – someone caught up in that scammy SEO – and deserves whatever they get.

I feel like someone who has been fighting a war everyone outside of our proverbial “country of SEO” has been oblivious to until now. But with MetaFilter’s hit, everyone is beginning to take notice that there are innocent casualties of that war. And that war is called Panda."


What a great F'ing post.

What a great F'ing post.  Love these parts:

“And what did they do to get caught in up in Panda? That’s the question tons of small businesses owners have been asking themselves since they launched it in 2011.

It’s vague and subjective. There’s no true definition of the filter aside from duplicate and “thin” content. Duplicate content is easy to understand. But, the “thin” content has caused tons of unintended victims.

Panda judges a site based on a mathematical computation and decides if it’s guilty or innocent and levies your sentence. But, you have no idea what crime you committed. You also never got to take the stand. And you have no ability to file an appeal. (Mainstream media note: Reconsideration requests apply to manual penalties only.)”

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