Building Adwords Blacklist

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Google Launch Negative Filter for Adwords Advertisers
Story Text: is attempting to build an Adwords blacklist of scraper sites and other content spam undesireables to use with Googles new negative filter for Adwords

There's no about page, or any details i can readily find, but as the owner just dropped the link here, im guessing they'll read this and provide a few more details.

As Gurtie pointed out:

s an idea that's great but the temptation to add your competitors or just random people who piss you off to the list is going to be too high surely?


bwah ha ha ha

stupid people.
The only good thing I see about this site is it'll leave more money on the SEM table to share between the people smart enough to actually 'see' the commercial web.

A pissed SEO

It's a webpage created by a Spanish pissed SEO who wants to hurt their competitors.

Created by a Spanish Spammer Webmaster

It's a webpage created by a Spanish Spammer webmaster (Ferran) well-known in spanish google forums, and wants to hurt their competitors.


The basic idea is good but I must agree I have no way to know if if their lists are legitimate or not (or just comptetitors they don't like, as suggested). Do any of you have any other background info?

Do any of you have any other background info?

No but when I looked there were only about three sites listed. I picked one at random, seems to be a well known domain spammer....Google partner by the look of it :)

I don't understand the motivation of a webmaster wanting to attack their fellow webmasters, makes me sick. There is no doubt there is a problem with the quality of some sites in the Adsense program, I think if someone was really concerned about that they would target their energy at the root cause [the adsense programs lack of quality control imho] rather than whining like a little bitch.

domain spammer

what is your definition of "domain spammer"?

what is your definition of "domain spammer"?

Buys thousands of expireds/mistypes/parks, tries to mislead the user that the PPC links are genuine links in someway related to the expected content of the site, has no love for the www. In short, bait and switch merchants.


I guess it is personal choice.
I love seeing my paid links on expired/mistyped/parked domains.
As long it is not a trademark term.

Some of the best quality traffic comes from domains

what is the alternative situation - to have users hitting 404 pages?
Simple economics dictates that most of these domain name owners will try to put relevant links on these domains.

but please use "domain squatter" rather than "spammer", that work is far to generic now.

why wont this work.....

because people have been trying this whack the mole approach for years with email


I just added:

Just trying to clean up the internet, one...err, three...spam site(s) at a time. I'm a giver.

nice work scoreboard!

Get rid of those damn scrapper sites!

GerBot, you're right!

Those three sites are always fighting amongst themselves.

the site needs


3 big honkin units on the top of every page.

at least that's what i would do :p

Not a long term idea

I tried to build a database of spammer sites at a couple years ago. I gave up after a short while when I realised this would never make any kind of difference because the spammers were changing their domains all the time. There were so many variations of the same one that every time I added one, the same spammer had already made two more.

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