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GoogleBowling - The Nasty Business of Link Sabotage
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Maybe I'm weird, but it's been really interesting to watch the birth of a buzzword here at ThreadWatch by Terry_SA. Not long after, the domains for the word were already registered.

On a thread that was started at ThreadWatch, we watched as thw word was picked up by search engines.


4/19/05 11:00: phrase is coined

4/20/05: someone notes the domains are gone

4/20/05 14:13: MSN is first to list pages for the new term

4/20/05 18:15: 16 Google listings

4/20/05 19:18: Google results in Europe

4/20/05 20:54: GrayWolf notes we should watch this ;)

4/20/05 21:55: Nick W notes it's just index pages for Google

4/20/05 23:52: Nebraska wonders if they're listed according to time that Goog found them

4/21/05 12:37: wibblewobbles notes ThreadWatch is the only one with a second listing

4/23/05 3:04: 27 results in Google

4/24/05 8:32: 36 results in Google

4/25/05 1:21: 38 results in Google

4/27/05 4:45: 55 results in Google

4/29/05 2:56: 60 results in Google

5/1/05 3:29: 64 results in Google - Technorati overtakes ThreadWatch for top spot

5/4/05 1:26: 605 results in Google - one of the results is a WMW's page size checker that was indexed

That's about all we have so far. Since the last post above, the number of results in Google has dropped back down to 96 for some reason (different datacenter?)

In any case, please share what you've learned while watching GoogleBowling being introduced in Google. I'm kinda wishing I would've tracked more data points here over the last few weeks, but alas I didn't. Maybe we can invent another new phrase to watch, although GoogleBowling could be considered 'natural' because it was something people who didn't know about the 'test' were writing about.


Oh ye of little faith

Comment from Outer Court , and their link is to TW

Some SEO sites have been coining the new term “Googlebowling.” It’s meant to describe a black-art search engine optimization tactic in which you link a competitor to oblivion. While Google always said this isn’t possible – i.e., for outside pages to hurt one – these sources say after the recent Google algorithm changes, it is. As usual, nobody has definite proof for the Googlebowling theory, and there may be much more in the mix than what people see.

Terry_SA coined the phrase

In the post before Chris's. googlebowling.

Terry_SA first called it Google Bowling. Chris pinched the words together and the name was born.

No big deal, but since it was brought up - it should be accurate.


yeh, i corrected that, thanks Nebraska!


sorry about that. thanks for the correction.

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