Google Launch Negative Filter for Adwords Advertisers

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Adwords advertisers can now negative filter publisher sites
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Jenstar tells us about the negative sites feature she's been beta testing for Google Adwords. It's now live, and means that advertisers can filter out sites that they don't wish their ads to appear on for any reason...

AdWords advertisers now have the ability to add AdSense publisher websites to a new tool called "Campaign Negative Sites". This means that advertisers who have one or two websites they wish not to have their ads appear on (whether they are competitor sites or just sites they deem as lower quality) can now easily add those URLs to the filter, and their ads will no longer show on those sites, while still be able to run unaffected on all other publisher sites.



Now how do I find out which shitty adsense scraper sites are displaying my ads?

The Sound of Falling Profits

What an emotionally charged thread. A few voices of reason trying to teach business 101 getting drowned out by the cries of get the scrappers.

Reminds me when the Adsense people started banning advertisers and ended up killing their income. Just going to take the advertisers a bit longer to figure that out.

Negative sites web page

We can join together to identify wich shitty adsense scraper sites we don't want our ads, we can use


as an idea that's great but the temptation to add your competitors or just random people who piss you off to the list is going to be too high surely?

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