Google Suffers Major Adwords/Adsense Stats Outage

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Bit more than the usual "my stats have not changed for 10 minutes". Adwords and Adsense stats stopped appearing some 10 hours ago. In my experience with them, this is the worst outage there has been. Ads are still appearing (see this TW page)

Both Adwords Thread and AdSense Thread at WMW carry the story.

AdWordsAdvisor put in some 7 hours agp

I've pinged the tech folks, and will keep my ear to the ground on this one.

Thanks for the heads-up!

And Google have not added anything since then


maybe the Google Web Accelerator stuffed the stats

I don't know about anyone else but I'm seeing US ads and I'm in the UK

Adlink Ads not appearing in India

I am trying to view my blog in India.

A single post has 3 ads and 1 adlink unit. I see the ads but no adlink unit.


Nick: Can I post a URL here ?

All ads are appearing and targeted

I have sites for many countries, and targeted ads continue to appear for both ad blocks and adlink units.

Still no stats after 12 hours though

I still don't see adlink unit


as I mentioned in my previous comment, I don't see all my adsense units.

check this page on my blog -

the adlink unit on the right sidebar is not displaying since moring.


Let's pause

This really sucks! I think we should all pause all our campagns - I am sure that will "motivate" Google to fix this faster :)

I will pause all my campaigns in a couple of hours unless the stats is back

After 15 hours.. stats have had a small splutter and yesterday's have had more data added. But it is partial and does not cover today.

What really bugs me is the arrogance of Google (what's new, eh?) in not making an announcement of some sort.

announcement of some sort

they normally do via email but 2 days after they have made the changes


res://C:\WINDOWS\system32\shdoclc.dll/http_400.htm# ht*tp:// pagead/ads?client=ca-pub-

I think you mat be linking to your local machine


res://C:\WINDOWS\system32\shdoclc.dll/http_400.htm# ht*tp:// pagead/ads?client=ca-pub-

I think you mat (sic) be linking to your local machine

Actually no. The res error only appears in (quelle surprise) IE. Firefox displays nothing, and viewing the source shows the request is going to the google servers (not to the local machine), but the ad format requested isn't working.

The Adlink problem continue

I checked my adsense stats and there were no impressions for the adlinks channel.

When will Google fix it ?

adwords side effects?

It occurs to me that, given the depth of testing that google usually applies to their new experiments, whether an unintended consequence might be that the ctr stats for adwords campaigns might not drop through the floor due to prefetched pages that never get seen, and hence can never be clicked.

Of course, this leads to the possibility that they may have noticed this and had to shutdown the stats to avoid this showing up, and are busy figuring out a way to adjust the stats so that fewer campaigns are shutdown. In the event that the accelerator drove every campaign down below the threshold, they would have zero adwords income.

Furthermore, if such a debacle were ever to see the light of day, the bigger accounts would be demanding justification for every line of every bill. Something the lowliest of bank clerks can do, but seems to be beyond the capabilities of Googles low rent MBA's.

Side Effects?

Interesting point, plumsauce

Google certainly have avoided any mention of "why" the stats shutdown happened, merely confirmed that it happened.

My AdSense impressions are down though, rather than up, on the day (against expected). If you hypothesis were true, and they did not "aim off" for it, then impressions would have been up.

I doubt that enough intergalactic accelerators have been downloaded yet to make a substantial change to the whole scene anyway.


I have not had a problem with Adlinks displaying but some people have

I suspect it is more to do with advertisers pulling out, than with display problems. Ie no adlinks there to display.

Adlinks are back

I can now see them.

Looks like Google resolved the problem.

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