It's not always Panda/Penguin


David Harry just posted a truly useful piece on diagnosing traffic loss at the SEO Training Dojo. He correctly points out that it's not always about Panda and Penguin. A great outline for forensic SEO: What to track in case of lost traffic; a forensic blueprint



Keep and open mind

Yea well it's something thats all too common. People start to make assmumptions prior to any of the forensic work being performed. We've seen instances of

Multiple Algo Hits (Penguin/Panda/Page Layout), Site Changes. Changes to query space and many other factors. And of course in some instances, multiples. In fact, even when you think you know (aka a manual action) you should still dig deeper. Often times when a site gets to the point of a manual action, they've potentially been hit in the past with algorithmic issues as well. 

We tend to pull far back in the analytics and GWT timeline to see what has happened in the past, not just the recent dates of losses. 

I find this a lot, that people take the first potential answer and stop looking. Never a good idea.

Anyway, thanks for the luv... as U know it's a topic close to me heart!


Keeping an open mind

You're most welcome, David. 

By the way, I enjoyed the Friday Dojo Chat today - this read was a great lead-up to it!


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