Google Slammed for Poor Customer Service

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Google: biting the hand that feeds it?
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Following the many reports of Google poaching customers from SEM's, CNN Money takes a swing at them for generally poor customer service for advertisers...

Myers attributed Google's falloff to the Mountain View, Ca.-based company's rapid growth and its dominance, which means advertiser expectations are high. At the same time, Myers says Google's rivals are more accessible and more effective at dealing with advertisers.

But interviews with ad agency reps suggest that Google's reputation among advertisers is worse than Myers's study indicates.

Another advertising taboo that Todd says Google has broken: the company has gone around the agencies it deals with and tried to sign deals directly with Fortune 1000 advertisers. That's alienated media buyers and, at the same time, fueled the perception that Google is giving deep-pocketed advertisers special treatment, to the detriment of smaller advertisers.

If you've ever worked at a company that suddenly finds itself very successful then you'll probably recognize a lot of these symptoms as coming from the fuck you part of the cycle...

Next up will be the oh shit! part....


It's not just that....

The customer service at Google is bad for everything, try getting a response from them in relation to anything in or about Google News. The scaring thing is is that Microsoft gets email and communications and can manage to respond to an email, Google can't, and Google are suppose to be the good guys last time I looked.

I differ

I have had a chance to contact Google Support just once but I was very impressed by them.

I asked them to change my Google Adsense login and believe me, in less than 24 hours, they sent me an email confirming the same.



AdWords and Froogle UK customer services have always been quite good I've felt (Froogle slow a couple of times but they had just launched in the UK and were probably inundated). They've always even answered me nicely when I've been cheeky about what should be included and have been pretty fair about what I can and can't do). Adsense customer service was also good the once I used it.

I was utterly unimpressed with the non working forms, generated responses and meaningless mails everyone got about autolink though.

The extent to which people are pissed off

by automatic response mails, one wonders why companies are putting up with them in the first place: better no reaction at all than a braindead robot response signaling "we couldn't care less about what you actually wrote". That's like trying to argue the hell out of a blank wall. (Yeah, very zenny, but let's not get into that one again.)

Maybe there's another job profile in making here: "Autoresponse Consultant"? :-)

Auto Response

This is an automatically generated response to your query, it should answer your questions, but if it does not then please follow the link at the bottom to speak directly to our support team.

blah blah blah



I could live with something like that. It's not autoresponders that are the problem, it's how they're used, and the fact that the situation is more often than not considered closed once the AR is sent...

I have an adwords account...

And their staff is extremely courteous and quick to respond to questions (always within 24 hours).

Google Adwords must just have a more customer-friendly philosophy/ culture different from the rest of their comrades.


Pretty useless

I have to say that my experience of google in terms of customer service and encouraging business is at the useless end. They are happy to carry out basic, easy requests for small or new accounts. If you get an account of reasonable size, not gigantic, they are not interested in being any use. The fact that they have gone around the agencies and signed deals directly without understanding that they could do alot of business by encouraging existing accounts shows their attitude entirely. Their search and system is great, their attitude stinks.

Google > Overture

My experience recently has been quite the opposite. A number of years back, I would've agreed with this sentiment. Overture's customer service was very prompt; Google's was non-existent. Nowadays, I've get nothing but grief from Overture. Lengthy editorial reviews, billing issues, service outages, shaky advice, etc. It might be the size of my agency attracting the sharks, but I get a call from my Google rep virtually every day, whether there are issues afoot or not. I can't get Overture to call me back if my life depended on it.

Arguing with a wall

Fantomaster's mention of how trying to get help out of Google is like "trying to argue the hell out of a blank wall" reminds me a great Mitch Hedberg line:

The depressing thing about tennis is that no matter how much I play, I'll never be as good as a wall. I played a wall once. They're fucking relentless.

I've actually seen these types of one-sided arguments take place, with some poor novice webmaster getting increasing infuriated by the endless volley of prefabicrated, meaningless responses.

What JayF said

On the whole, I've been extremely impressed with AdWords customer service. The two reps I've had there (via an agency I work for) have been knowledgeable, courteous, and very friendly.

Overture -- completely the opposite. Actually, the folks there are friendly enough, but generally either unempowered or pathetically incompetent (or both).

With that said, I have occasionally become mired in bureaucratic issues with Google, particularly with AdSense (my last interaction with them was very unsatisfactory). And, despite the best efforts of my AdWords reps, I have found Google to be occasionally (and very frustratingly) inflexible on AdWords stuff in the context of billing and accounting.

Overall, though, I think SEMPO is really crying wolf and generally way off the mark in their recent battle cry against Google's allegedly abysmal customer service.

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