Clueless PR Firm Pitching (and annoying) Bloggers

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Why are PR firms ordering bloggers around?
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John Gorenfeld recounts some particularly harrassing, and utterly stupid attempts by a PR firm, "Special Ops Media" to bully him into reviewing some shite book. (yeah, it's shite, 'cos your PR muppets have balsed it up...)

The deadline harrassment is hilarious, and it's a fun post. On a personal note though, although i don't get pitched so much by PR firms, i have had some beautifully inept attempts to get me to write about stuff here - the latest one i actually fell for, but when the idiot who got me to blog it started bumping the thread and pretending he was "just a customer" i'd had enough...

Really, what is it that makes some people assume that everyone else in the world is an idiot and can't see through their shit?


It would be funny... search for the blogger's who actually reviewed the film by the imposed deadline and put them on a list somewhere. If only I were not soo lazy.

How many?

Heh ... only a few.

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