Confessions of a Search Marketer

Welcome to Confessions of Search Marketer - Nicks Blog
I use the term search marketer in a rather loose sense of course as I niether work for clients (at least i dont solicit clients) nor use PPC of any kind (for the most part). I'd thought of several names for my new blog:

  • Confessions of a Search Moron
  • Search Marketing Confessions
  • Take Search and Shove it

but have semi settled on the of a search marketer as it's kind of generic with a small ring of humour to it that will allow me to pretty much dribble on about whatever I fancy. Follow the title link above for more...

Please VOTE or make suggestions as comments! Im open to all wisdom, knowledge, opinion and silliness.

With the new feature added to comes one or two potential benefits and one or two potential problems: Firstly, I have no idea how this will affect the recent posts lists. I hope that it will not touch it but wont know until I hit submit. (i know i could test this but that would hardly be in the spirit of Nick W's hamhanded approach to web development now would it?) - Also, will people like it? - And, here's the scary bit: There is the potential to open up blogging to other members! with all the self promo problems that that would almost certainly present. Got to think on that one, most likely it would flop anyway, most of you are more than capable of setting up a blog right? ;-) In terms of benefits, well mostly i get to air my sometimes strong opinions without getting in the way of the main event.

What will I Write?
Anything I damn well please. That's the point, this is a personal perspective on Search and forums and all manner of related subjects and as much a chance to get things off my chest as anything else without ruining the threadlink posts with my already too evident bias and opinion.

And Finally
Now that the bollocky preamble is out of the way, i will make a cup of tea and have a think about what i want to talk about. Plan? behave, that word is a mystery to me....

You can reach my blog at this address:


You Aint No Moron

Confessions of a search moron is good, but you aint no moron.

Hmm My Own Blog on Threadwatch?

Sounds good to me - another C class IP for a few links :)