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I haven't seen this anywhere yet, but I just got an email. If you check the FastClick site, choose publishers, then ad formats, you can see what they look like. They also offer this info:

Publishers may display Text Ads with customized dimensions and colors to help integrate the ads with site their design.

Advertiser Specs
Text Ads are made up of four pieces:

Headline: 25 characters maximum
Description Lines: Two lines; 35 characters maximum per line
Display URL: 35 characters maximum
Destination URL (hidden): 255 characters

Publisher Specs
Publishers can choose to display a maximum of seven Text Ads
Customizable shapes and sizes
Text Ads can be stand-alone or bordered
Background color can be set to match the color of your site
Arial font

No word if they'll be CPM or CPC yet, though.

Anyone else hear anything?



with Google diving in at the other ad markets it is no surprise that other companies want to create ads similar to Googles offerings.

Nice, if expected move

Was just talking about this the other day with an analyst. Given G's new cherry picking option, FC's move to text ads could put them on the road to becoming an increasingly important player in the evolving ad network realm. I use them already, with pretty good results, and expect that their text offering will be an interesting and viable option for publishers who for whatever reason choose not to feature G ads ... can't feature Ov/Y ads ... and won't feature FW or EI ads. Always Adbrite I guess. ;-)

What's the lure of FastClick

Why is FastClick on the fast track? What makes them unique/special/differentiated from Doubleclick, Burst, etc. I haven't been able to figure this out yet. Do they still have a relationship with Google?

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