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I've just noticed that Blogger is now requiring a captcha for new blog creation in an effort to combat auto-generated blogs. It appears they started doing this on April 12th.

We're doing this to stay a step ahead of spammers

or maybe they are doing this to stay only one step behind the spammers and not two steps. In any case I doubt this will be enough to stop the hardcore spammers since they have already broken captchas. Good luck Blogger.



Does anyone know how to auto-generate 197.000 seo forum posts? I've been challenged. No captcha - should be easy for some of you guys/gals :)


which scenario are you dealing with?
a)just need to post 197,000 times
b)need 197,000 posts containing random seo keywords
c)need to post 197,000 times with seo keywords that would pass a readability test and pass a themeing test


Nah - it would have to be context-sensitive and hopefully even useful.

I wouldn't want to hurt my rep, at least not until I was 1000 posts into it :) Would be great if no-one noticed - LOL

Then again: I could set up a new account for this ...

45 days

...if you keep volume down to three posts per minute. You could just take all wikipedia articles in German.


whoa claus - major nosebleed...

In a couple of days or so, I'm gonna give it my best shot to see what my natural daily average could be. Don't worry - won't do that here - wouldn't want to bore you people to death (even more than I already do - right)

About blogger - is that the only blog system to try captchas and stuff? Is it the only one to need it because of popularity or in-code vulnerability?

blogger is not the first to use captchas

Blogs have been using captchas to try and slow down comment spamming for a long time. Blogger is using captchas to try to prevent auto-generated new blogs. Since most other blogs are free open-source or you have to pay per installation, no one ever cared about auto-generated blogs. But a blogspot blog does provide some unique benefits that makes it attractive to spammers.


Other than being on their domain+hosting what are the benefits?

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