Finally Evolves Into The Internet's Most Massive Scraper Site Ever


We have all joked about Goolge being one massive scrapper site. But, it looks like we are now starting to see evidence that this is true. Google is now blatantly copying core portions of content from other sites and displaying them directly in the SERPs.

I first noticed this a few days a go when I ran this query:


Then my good buddy Michael Gray posted this to Facebook the other day.


Then last night while making dinner I see this:


Google is now blatantly stealing content, traffic, and revenue from web sites that have freely supported them for years! And all of this comes almost two months after Matt Cutts released this video:


adwords also wins

So you can see in the two examples that AdWords is shown above the scraped data which ensures Google's revenues are not disrupted....

So what?

Yes, Google returns information directly in the search results from websites they've visited.


Typifying this as "stealing" is reasonable if there's an expectation from the web owners that Google will only direct users to their site, but not use the information they parse inline.  This is certainly a claim that Google's never made, and if this is the claim of the site owner then it's based a 20th-century understanding of search.


And apparently an expectation that Google exists to send traffic to the publishers of web pages.  They don't.  And it certainly serves my interests as a user if I don't need to navigate to a website to get an opinion on whether or not garlic is a vegetatble, or what time the Super Bowl starts, or what the height of the Eiffel Tower is, or when Father's Day 2015 falls.


As to all those websites that "freely supported" Google in what was seemingly the glory days of ten blue links it was a two way street, where Google sent traffic and garnered revenu to those magnificently supportive websites:  if Google is failed to live up their current expectations, they're free to make a single line modification to robots.txt that will immediately prevent such "theft."


If your point is that Google is acting hyocritically, take a look at their guidelines.  They don't advise against scraping, but against reusing content without adding value.  Organizing the knowledge from billions of parsed URLs in such a manner that information can be reliably returned for it on the basis of an infinity of natural-langage query is that added value.


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