Speculation on Authority - Sandbox & Theming with Google Personalized Search

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Themed by Google - Does Site-Flavoring provide a sandbox exit?
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Im really not sure what to make of this, perhaps someone more techy can have a go at deciding if it's just a bit of fun or if there is truly somthing useful to be gained here. Threadwatch member randfish proposes an interesting theory on sandboxing, authority and theming using G personalized search. Go have a look for yourself, lots to see and do and interesting at the very least...


Themed sites

Randfish does say in the thread that he should not have put the sandbox in his title

I noticed that I mentioned the sandbox in the title - I really shouldn't have as this thread has very little to do with it.

1. Very small number of tagged sites under any search
2. They appear to be "authority" sites that are tagged, but not all authority sites are tagged
eg. A fairly through search for hotels in various locations shows only Marriot tagged, none of the other big chains are.
3. It looks like hand tagging, its so "illogical" and small in number what has been tagged

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