Stolen Mobile Embarrassingly Revealed

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Romanian hides stolen mobe in vagina
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They are stealing everything these days, a Register article reports and mobiles are getting very small - yes, size does count. Someone saw a lady steal a mobile from another customer in a retaurant, the police were called, couldn't find it on the suspect, and were about to let her go, when with a degree of lateral thinking, someone suggested they call the stolen mobile.

"On dialling the number they heard a sound coming from under Gardian's clothes and took her to police headquarters to be strip-searched," the report continues. You know the rest. Suffice it to say that a shaken officer Aurel Popescu commented: "I've seen a lot in my time as a policeman but never anything like this."

The phone's owner has apparently refused to take the phone back, believing that it was "damaged beyond repair and he would be filing an insurance claim". The Registers advice to aspiring female mobile thieves is that if they want to..

make good their escape with a 3G device concealed in their reproductive tract: stick it on vibrate or turn the bloody thing off.



Thats quite a sticky situation to be in :)


They still need to become considerably smaller for men to take part in that act, if you ask me :)


yeah men put it, ah no, lets not talk about that either.

Did you know you can buy an attatchment to turn your mobile into a *personal massager*? I'll try and find the link...

Intimate massagers..

..ought not to produce harmful radiation in my opinion ..

And if the ringtone had been 'Road To Amarillo'...

... she might have got away with it


...stick it on vibrate ...

Are we sure that would make things any quieter?


Mary had a little mobile
And the mid-wife was treated for shock

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