Google Gives More Money To The GOP


Google is reportedly investing more time and money into influencing republican law makers. The Wall Street Journal has the following to say 

Google has hired a string of Republican operatives as part of an effort to build relationships with GOP lawmakers and has evened out the campaign donations from its political-action committee, which had skewed in favor of Democratic candidates.

Many don't know that I actually have a degree in political science, and from my perspective it looks like Google is starting to finally act like all of their corporate buddies. The biggest misconception in corporate lobbying is that a company is either liberal or conservative. The truth is that most companies spread their influence accross all political factions to maximize return no matter whos in office. Typically the only time a corporation will "tip the scales in funding" is right up the last few days of an election when it looks like the projected winner has already been choosen. This is because the only thing most corporations care about is influencing those that have won.


As a fellow Political Science Major...

This is exactly the case. Corporations tend to fund quite equally across the board in part because they are largely funding incumbency. As long as the government is divided quite evenly, they will donate quite evenly.  

I think there is a little more to this, though, than just the "Google moving towards the position generally taken by large corporations". I think Google has substantial interest in what we would generally consider to be conservative, pro-business positions. If we wanted to put an ideological position on Google, I would probably describe it as more libertarian than traditional American conservative. However, the social positions of libertarians (drug policy, sexual preferences, etc.) appear at the time being to be moving progressively in large parts of the country and seems all but inevitable in the next 20-30 years due to generation shifts, while the economic positions (deregulation, lower taxation, etc.) are not so sure footed. I think Google is making a statement that they would rather risk some of those progressive positions which, frankly, don't impact their bottom line, to protect the likely outcome of a progressive movement which could impact their business.

Google is the most dangerous entity ever

All multi-national corporations - unless they were VERY wise - are controlled by a wealthy elite who use money to control countries and governments. Unless we remove money from politics they will continue to take control of everything including The Supreme Court and the Internet. 


Google is the most dangerous entity to ever exist. Through the monopoly granted to them by the wealthy elite's control of the media, they have the power to destroy small businesses, blogs and ecommerce sites at will. The more power they can get, the more dangerous they are.


The masses don't care as long as they are kept pacified and entertained and conditioned to only care about "cheap". If we do not change our ways, eventually there will be only big brands which will then merge and leave only Google.  Those who do not believe this have only to wait long enough to find out. I'm not saying it will happen next year - but it WILL happen - if we do not stop allowing ourselves to be manipulated through propaganda. 

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