QVC Tops Conversion Rates League

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Web-mostly Retailers the Top February Converters Online
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While I have heard of one-page-wonder sites getting way higher conversion rates, and I don't have a link to the actual report so we can not see how good the data is, this looks quite an interesting piece of research.

QVC had the highest conversion rates out of approximately 117 online retailers. The top 10 conversion rates ranged from 16.3 percent to 11.8 percent. The average was 4.9 percent among the top 100 retailers.

Hardly suprising that a shopping channel (masters of the measured-by-the-second direct sell) should come tops. Would like to know where Amazon, the daaahling of new media sits amongst these 117 online retailers.

I do not see mention of how they define conversion - is this a single sale for a single user session? Overall unique visitors / sales? Do they include telephone sales that began with a web visit...?


hmmm they are some big ass numbers

Considering the fact that Amazon run one of the bigger affiliate programs I don't see how they could convert at anything like 1/10.
If these numbers were based on say 'internally controlled Google adwords campaigns' then I might believe it.


I have seen reports that reckon Amazon gets between 10 and 12% overall conversion before though.

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