MSN Toolbar to Preview IE7 Tabbed Browsing

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Tab, You're It
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Neowin report that the next version of the MSN Toolbar will feature an implementation of tabbed browsing long before IE7 is released. IE7 is due for beta this summer...

The updated version will include an implementation of tabbed browsing allowing users of IE6 without Windows XP SP2 (& IE7) to benefit from tabbed browsing in Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer 7 is set to debut in beta form this summer with various improvements including tabbed browsing, inbuilt MSN search and an RSS aggregator, however, IE7 will only be made available for customers using Windows XP with SP2.


IE has a long way to go

Difficult to digest the fact that I need a toolbar to get tabbed browsing in IE.

I will stick with FF.



Yup. I as well, Amit.

Y'know, I'd be really surprised if MS ever got FF users back onto the IE bandwagon. Could happen I guess, but I'd be surprised if it did.

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