British Businesses Want Spam

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UK laws are failing to deter spam
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I fell of my chair laughing when I read in this BBC report that British businesses wanted spam and hence the government had not acted. Who says lobbying does not pay - current British law allows spammers to spam business addresses.

Apparently the Department of Trade and Industry was told that British businesses wanted spam

Whilst the UK is not a big producer of spam

UK spammers account for less than 2% of all junk e-mails with the lion's share of spam coming from the US.

AOL, the Information Commissioner, Spamhaus, etc are lobbying for tougher UK laws (lock'em up for 9 years variety). But nobody really seems to offer an answer (surprise!)

unsolicited e-mails in the US increased by 10% following the introduction of its anti-spam laws.

Spamhaus estimates that by the summer of 2006 spam will account for 95% of all e-mails sent and the problem will not be alleviated until the US acts to toughen its laws.