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Why Google Is Faltering on RSS
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UPDATE: Thanks to graywolf in the comments, and the commenters at Dana's original post, it's been pointed out that Evan Williams left google six months ago!

heh..... funny :) but what a bloody waste of 1/2hr!

Pyra founder, and still bossman of Google's beleaguered Blogger.com, and hence GOOG's man for RSS and related technologies is dragging the Search strumpet down according to Dana Blankenhorn at Corante...

Talking about Williams, Dana says..

What are you doing, he asks? Oh, that's interesting. Let me write about it.

That's not what executives do. They don't have dinner with their competitors, pretending to be journalists, then actually perform journalism. They get reports from others, then give orders aimed at out-doihg those competitors. They strategize, they manage, they're pro-active. Journalism, for the most part, is reactive.

Im not so sure that's the entire story though, it sounds likely, at least in part, but i don't think it's the real reason Google have let their competitors run riot with RSS and blogging technologies while they've sat on the sidelines sucking lemons.

Steve Rubel, a man with whom i very, very rarely find anything i to agree with posted about Google's syndication shyness a little while back, and it tells a much more likely story for me.

As have a few others in the past, Steve says this is about the potential of missing an opportunity to show you adwords...

Google views syndication drastically differently than its competitors. On the Web Google is all about driving people away from their sites. Once they've shown them an Adwords ad they had their opportunity to collect a dollar, so why not give the users what they need and send them on their way. However, when it comes to syndicated feeds they use it as a tool to drive users to their services and that’s why they are syndication shy. Remember Autolinking? I rest my case.

So to sum up, I think it's a bit of both, with the larger portion being attributed to the "oh my god, how we gonna show ads!" argument...


Isn't he an ex-Googler now

I though he left Google last fall?



Thanks GW, i see some others have picked up on that in the comments also - what a bloody waste of 1/2hr heh...

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