Cybersquatting on the Pope

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Picking the Pope's Domain Name
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An interesting example of thinking ahead, doing a bit of research, and who knows making a holy fortune. A wired story of the guy who bought up 6 possible popes names (there are few few runners) and ends up with

The Jacksonville, Florida-based writer purchased the rights to on April 1 -- more than two-and-a-half weeks before Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger announced that he would assume the papacy under the name of Benedict XVI.

Happily the purchaser is a man of high moral values and..

said he bought the domains as a game -- not as a way to make money by cybersquatting. Besides, he added, "If I didn't do it, someone less reputable would."

Not one of those nasty blacked hatted people that read ThreadWatch then

Occasionally, the domains are bought by the owners of adult websites who want the boost in traffic ... Cadenhead said he hasn't figured out what he's going to do with the domain yet...."The decision would be guided by the idea not to piss off 1.1 billion (Roman Catholics.)"

I don't know, if the price is right...



You've gotta love it :)

eBay Was Rocking..

After the Pope died I saw a package of three JPIII domains, registered the day before, go for 10k.


> guided by the idea not to piss off 1.1 billion

All I can say is why not? Sorry, I know I am bad it's just such a great oputunity and they are so easy to piss off :)


I figure the Cardinals were emailing fast and furious the last couple of weeks before the Pope died.... things are very very different now than they were prior to the last Papal Conclave....

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