Google's 302 problem solved?

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Google's 302 redirect problem
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It could very well seem like Google has finally managed to get the 302 mess under control. I've been doing a few checks for myself yesterday and today, and so have others. Post #91 + #92 are the only ones that mention it sofar.

I'm happy about it but also a bit a bit careful as indexes have reverted to previous states before, so there's a chance we're not seeing the final picture yet. Still, if it continues like this then i consider the problem solved. For Google. MSN still needs to take action on this issue, afaik.

And, as i also noted in that thread - we still need to see the sites that were hit coming back.

Anyway - i hope it's not too early for a positive thread about Google. If they've done what i think they have then they do deserve positive feedback :-)


I'd like to see an official statement though.

I agree they appear to be working on it... If not here, where can we read GG's take on this??? ;-)

I agree..

The checks I have been doing over the last week have shown that they have the problem under control.

It did not surprise me that they were not shouting about it, merely encourage other anti-social behavior! I don't expect them to be making an official statement


Just checked and the few sites I've been watching are clean as a whistle. Looks to me like goog did make some change.


Interesting comment about spam penalties from GoogleGuy on that thread.

Here's hoping

Would be nice to think the hijacking problem was solved (until next exploit is popularised of course!)

until next exploit is popularised of course!

well i'm saying nothing :)



the spam comments are essentially the same as he said in that slashdot thread a while ago.

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