TiVo talking with Yahoo and Google

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Search giants court TiVo
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In deal that could unite the web and TV in ways we can only dream about, TiVo may be talking with both Yahoo and Google...

Google and Yahoo are in such fierce competition that neither wants to let the other land a deal with TiVo that might provide an edge. That could strengthen TiVo's hand at the negotiating table, one source said.

Though details have yet to be worked out, a number of possibilities have been put on the table, sources familiar with the talks said.

Makes the video search capabilites they have added recently make much more sense.


MS not mentioned but...

A second person familiar with the talks said TiVo has held talks with both Google and Yahoo about a potential equity investment, including the possibility of an outright acquisition.

...this is right where Microsoft wanted to be starting about five years or so ago, on top of the television and in your face. Looks like an SE might have a better chance of getting there first. Sounds like pretty major implications if a deal goes through.

okay, here's the real story

... i wrote this thing in December, it's a pretty easy read if you're speculating what all the fuss is about:

Will the EPG be a Search Engine?

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