Google Testing Ads Within Knowledge Graph


Spotted via twitter, Google are testing out ads on knowledge graph.

The example makes sense to me. You are looking for x car then why not show a local dealer who has the car?

But I am with Barry who finds this a bit of a shock that google are already testing out monetization on this new information content. I'm sure many are going to be unhappy with google sourcing the content from them and displaying a competitors ad next to it. From a twitter source @gfiorelli1 via Barry at seroundtable


I hate to sound obvious here,

I hate to sound obvious here, but I really hate this idea...

A year ago I had serps and so

A year ago I had serps and so did my competitors for product brand terms and a year later no one ranks. The only direct links to the products for sale is now via ads unless you go to page 2/3.

It's becoming the modern way. If google take on a set of serps it seems to be pay or no way. Sad but true..

Knowledge graph is going to be similar.. The trigger words aren't going to be viable targets. Long live the longtail..

Google is quickly becoming the landlord of the web...

At the end of the day, it's their real estate. If they want to put in a new bay window (to extend the metaphor) then by God, you are going to have to deal with the rennovations for a few weeks. I do think they (Google) are blurring the lines between paid and organic placement more and more. I was showing one of my friends where we ranked for a client locally, and he thought that the actual rank was #5 (not #2 - which is what it was) because he couldn't tell the difference between the paid and organic results. Paid search in many verticals is becoming the only way to win, which works very well with their business model obviously.

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