SEO RoadShow to hit Edinburgh 10th Sept 2005

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The SEO Roadshow will be going to Edinburgh this year, 10th of September, if you've not got an invite you should have a word with management... quiet...really quiet...can you hear that? Its the sound of hundreds of browsers firing up ready to book flights and accommodation for this years must visit SEO event.

I wanted to post this next week, so as not to be running two event promos to close to eachother, but it seems there's been some confusion, so at the end of the day it does no harm to run them concurrently :)

I've not been to a roadshow, sadly i missed the last one, but from what i heard, it really is a must go gig....



Yep it will be well worth the trip up to Edinburgh for this one


Its conflicting with another get together for me (too close together) so I'll have to miss out. Have fun guys. :)

Be there

Not sure if we can make it to your event, Nick, but have booked Edinburgh.

Everything's a bit crammed in the UK now - how about planning for some continental location next time?

Count me in again.

Last one was a blast. This one will be too.

>if you've not got an invite you should have a word with management...

If you've not got an invite, you probably shouldn't be there all together.

When do you guys ever get some work done?

SEO Roadshow, Backyard Bash, Pub Conferences, SES... it seems these events pop up all the time - add that the average SEO is probably spending countless hours on forums to catch up with the news, and then more time on PM, IM and so on to discuss stuff with peers... And some people even have spare time to run their business as well. It amazes me. Me? I always find myself working my butts off to meet some urgent deadline.

If it's really that easy to earn your income just by doing SEO, i guess i should try to take some of your business away from you guys while you're out there having fun (just kidding... for now; got a deadline tomorrow ;-)

For such a social bunch it's no wonder that automated tools are rated high *lol*

If it's free, try it

SEO Roadshow, Backyard Bash, "THE WORLD of SEARCH, SES and don't forget the TW PI$$UP

Automated tools are rated high and so is affiliate marketing.
There is a lot more that goes on at these functions than meets the eye.
It is not just about HATS

When you can see Scotchland, visit with Nick and friends and still make SES on the same trip, it's a bargain.


>When do you guys ever get some work done?

It's a tough life, claus, but somebody has to do it. I'm off to Spain/Portugal for some, ummm, travel site research, then meet w/ some of the boys to discuss top-secret SEO techniques in Barcelona. See you.


>>how about planning for some continental location next time?

my suggestion for the official TW birthday party is Krakow. Beer's less than £1 a pint, sometimes a lot less. I could extol it's other virtues but I'm not sure I need to.



Good Choice

Good Choice in Prague RC, not been but heard good reports about the place


Prague would've have been my vote 'till I went to Krakow :)


Best beer in Germany, and that's saying something.


Buda and Pest aka Budapest I'm told is still a good buy but not for long...


>Buda and Pest aka Budapest

Yeah. Hearing the same.


Was there in December. Some good bars, pubs and restaurants, but not the cheapest.

I dig Cologne...

...for lack of someplace closer to home :-)

Would be a nice thing 'round Chrsitmas, with the market and all as a nice thing for the WaK to go to.

I second that

Cologne in Xmas time can be a real treat. We're not very far from there and could aid in organizing it < hint, hint > ...

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