Print Media Wake Up! Says Murdoch

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We ignore internet at our peril, Murdoch warns editors
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Here's a quote from a very nice article i just read in the Media Guardian. The quote is from a speech to American editors in Washington by Robert Murdoch...

He said consumers between the ages of 18-34 were increasingly using the web as their medium of choice for news and neglected more traditional media.

Young people's attitudes towards newspapers were "especially alarming", he said. "Only 9% describe us as trustworthy, a scant 8% find us useful, and only 4% of respondents think we're entertaining."

He described the shift in attitudes as "a revolution in the way young people are accessing news".

I'm sure the Threadwatch readers have known that for ages, but it's very interesting to hear stuff like that "from the horse's mouth" for a change. Lots of small goodies there - here's another:

"I believe too many of us editors and reporters are out of touch with our readers. Too often, the question we ask is 'Do we have the story?' rather than 'Does anyone want the story?'"

"As an industry, most of us have been remarkably, unaccountably complacent," Mr Murdoch said.


Most industries go over the top..

..before they realise it.

Look what happened with heavy industry. Western governments tried to shore up failing steel industries with subsidies. With the car industry, with coal mining.

The newspaper indusry itself was Luddite in refusing to allow technology into the print rooms until it was probably too late.

Wonder what Murdoch has in mind for his company. I must say, I have always thought he was the one for the long term on the web.

Erm.... Duh.

"Only 9% describe us as trustworthy, a scant 8% find us useful


Yeah, the US got internet access, and suddenly discovered there was a whole WORLD outside our borders that the newspaper industry didn't seem to think was newsworthy...

my thoughts?

if he really 'gets it' - why are the Fox websites so lame?

He don't say he get it

- actually he says the opposite:

Describing himself as a "digital immigrant" in contrast to his young daughters, who would be "digital natives", he said the internet was "an emerging medium that is not my native language".

- but identification of a problem is always the first step if you want to solve it :-)

ok. i'll give him that

i guess ;)

I've been saying this since I got broadband

Newspapers are now an anachronism, like candlemakers and town criers they'll soon be consigned to the museums and libraries.

Our childrens' children will only look them as part of their history classes.

one of the publishers i worked for

said we worked for an 'information company' - not a newspaper. i believe that. journalists will still be around, but the medium will definitely change...

in other news

...or actually on the same page as the article above i found a link to this story Profits drop at WSJ and New York Times.

This is probably a total coincidence, but those two papers happen to be two major sources of online newspaper annoyance due to their registration system.

re: wsj

the WSJ (for the first time) made more money online than with their print product. now *that* is kinda cool ;)

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