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Innovative, clever ways of getting links from the Threadwatch boys and girls. Getting links is tough, but there are some great ways to do it, and the TW'ers probably know them all. So give us your best tip, silly or serious, it's Friday...

I'll start:

Being contraversial gets you links...


NON-internet PR... well too.

Yesterday the site was on Children's News here. Basically they said it was a hoax (even the paying part, which I doubt, but still).

However - it was on Dutch national tv, and I'm sure the site is experiencing yet another backlink boost - albeit a small one :-]


Excellent link building technique

Remember 301's are you friend in affiliate software

you could be creative with your posting at Threadwatch

And try to sneak links in :)


Find something that many webmasters already pay for, re-create it and give it away for free with a build in back-link strategy. Very effective - and often cheaper than buying links.


But who wants to rank for dot?


Expired's with good PR.


Install trackback, and go blogger baiting™

Expired's with good PR.

why is that - does G not drop off the PR for domains?


shhh :)

Boldly go where no man has gone before ...

Be front-of-mind, bleeding edge topical. Sometimes if you can get an article, webpage, blog posting in any of the search engines or technorati like services first, and there's enough "meat" there, the rest of the bandwagon will link to you when they write or blog about the topic.

If you can't be first be extremist. Extremely brilliant, extremely stupid, or even extremely funny seem to work.


1) New site about widgets. On your homepage, offer free coupons for discounts on widgets, free widget samples, whatever. "While stocks last", "Limited quantities available" - you get the idea. On your homepage have link through to a signup form (or have the signup form intergrated on homepage, even better!).

2) Submit to free stuff websites, ebay bagger forums etc

3) Wait 2 weeks, while watching your link spread all over the Internet like wildfire

4) Take the subpage down (if you used one), perminant redirect the signup subpage to your homepage

5) Email everyone who signed up saying "sorry, we run out of stock", "you wern't quick enough", "better luck next time", etc. For good measure, dont forget to include links to other free stuff in your apology email.

added: also pay attention to what greywolf said... first mover advantage is the best advantage you can possibly have IMHO.

Do something stupid... streaking at a major sporting event with your url written across your body. ;D

(probably won't get links, but still free traffic)

give something

...PR for domains?

and that's not all.

Another method is giving away your product to those who will link to you. This obviously isn't possible for all types of businesses, but for software and similar it can be great if e-delivery of a new beta or something doesn't cost you anything. This is best for getting fewer HIGH quality links.

Yet another fine method is to start an affiliate program and make everyones' aff ID as such: (2929 is aff id) or whatever other page you want links to with /?affid after.

I'm with Wit

A few glasses of champagne every year to specific journalists gets some of the best links I know. Offline marketing gets some great online benefits.

Knowing the right places to get articles for good syndication, anything viral, anything silly, funny, outrageous, involving nudity or having the words Britney Spears in it.

just thinking..

Two words: "Freebie" and "Students"
Which XXX character are you most like quizzes
Topical gags, surveys, etc - eg. uk general election, already things going round and being linked to, survey results has worked for a client of ours BIG time
Anything where the linker gets a payoff, eg. referral codes like affiliate links
Showing referrers on your homepage (just use a script to remove referral spam)
Invent a new term, eg. "cluetrain", "hughtrain", "lovemarks"
Post to newsgroups that are scraped by aggregation services
Get tested or accredited, such as the accessible site directory for web designers whos url escapes me right now


Got to be one of the easiest ways to catch blog links ever.

(I think I also coined a new phrase! Huzzah!)

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