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Targeting Through Tagvertising
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Steve Rubel is busy jumping up and down for all he's worth on the next moronic blogger buzzword, tagvertising, heaven give me strength, it was all i could do to hold onto my dinner reading that. Inadvertently though, he's giving a good lesson in where the next boom for web spam may erupt...

What he's talking about, if you have the stomach to wade through almost the complete dictionary of dumbarsed buzzwords and read his article, is using sites like del.icio.us, Technorati and Flickr to spread ideas, and gain eyeballs.

If you've reached this point, and have no idea of what im talking about, read this first: Tags & Folksonomies - What are they, and why should you care?

From Steve's piece:

They might even be the silver bullet search engines need to deliver truly personalized search results. When this happens folksonomies and tagvertising will usher in the next great advancement in contextual advertising. [......] Folksonomy sites can be also be carefully used to unleash viral marketing campaigns - with a caveat. Marketers should be transparent in who they are, why they are posting the link/photos and avoid spamming the services

Oh, i see.. you can spam it, but you have to say you're a spammer? Well, that's okay then...

Really, i can't see any kind of tagging site, even one bought by Yahoo (Flickr) being useful once it goes truly mainstream - at present, it's hardly worth the bother to spam these things unless you're hawking something to the blogerati, but if Yahoo manage to take tagging mainstream, or Fred has his way with del.icio.us then it'll just be another wasteland of garbage within a month.

There are ways to do it, but they would cost huge amounts of $$$'s....

Tagvertising - the holy grail of stupid made up words in web 2.0



SEO's spam for dollars
Bloggers spam for attention

Holy Grail?

Sorry Nick, I'll have to disagree there... "tagvertising" still isn't nearly as stupid sounding as "folksonomy".


someone should've coined "tagsonomy" early on as an alternative. Folksonomy sound backwards and ridiculous, its hillbilly categorisation.

Trashing the Trash

Is Tagvertising going down the drain even before having taken off? Seems that "folksonomies" are developing into just another symptom of the cult(ure) of excitation....

i could say something

- but then i'd have to kill me. Uhm... i'll just light up a cigarette then and repeat that they've all got nice APIs and such. So, they'll be spreading like dmoz without the footprints.

As for "-onomies" - that's, well, autonomy i guess.


Someone should create a site for all these dumb words and phrases made up by marketers. They only last two years and they never reach a mainstream dictionary. But I disagree with you on tagvertising. Folksonomy should be the #1 worst word.

Never saw the point....

Did anyone ever really think it wouldn't be spammed? All it seems to be is another version of meta keywords, and people stopped believing them years ago. Why should these keyword tags be any different?

It's no use coming up with these things and expecting people to respect them and use them properly.


I'm with you, Nick, on the aversion to buzzwords. And I think anybody thinking about tagging in social software applications has to be worried about spam. But I also think it's premature to write off tagging as a garbage wasteland just because it has the potential to get spammed. Remember that the primary purpose of del.icio.us, Flickr, and (of course) Feedmarker is to organize one's own information. So if all else fails, I can still manage my bookmarks, feeds, photos (etc.) according to a structure that makes sense to me, which is still a huge step forward from what we've had in the past.

The buzzword hits Newsweek

In the New Game of Tag, All of Us Are It


You guys are off the wall !

Hey, commerce makes the world go round ... tagvertisments are in a way Google Ad Sense totally free. Thing is that they allow a merchants to address their market and there are ways for people to filter them out ... put your thinking caps on. This is just the long tail raising up.

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