Google News Drops Threadwatch

Story Text:

We are writing to inform you that we have reviewed your site again and
cannot include it in Google News at this time. We appreciate your
willingness to provide your articles to us, and we will log your site for
future consideration.

Now you see it, now you dont...

After being accepted, and having many stories published in it, i can only put two and two together and get....


Have you

Asked them why they decided to drop TW?


Its sort of a no-brainer, it is not in their self-interest to include TW. Love them or hate them, I'd do the same if in their shoes.

Profanity perhaps?

I don't think it is as much conspiracy theory as you think it is. I think you may have tripped the profanity filter with some of the news titles.

Hmmm...on second thought..maybe not.


Did you try to charge them a licensing fee?


I thought that too. But the results returned after the searches I did certainly didn't seem to have a problem with profanity. I thought an "algo" made the decision for G news? This looks like a handjob. Yer in! But after careful review, yer out!

Being a cynic..

...when I heard TW was included in Google News, I thought it was an attempt to keep Nick in check. In other words, be a good boy and we'll leave you in, be a bad boy and you come out.

Just reflecting on the timing of the thing, I would go along with DG on it being a handjob. TW was in just before the weekend, presumably one of the suits got into the office on Monday and screamed profanities when he saw the inclusion in a Monday morning memo, hence explusion.

Personally I think TW has more editorial independence if Google cannot lean on it.

Well...let's see...

Nick banned GoogleGuy, GoogleGuy disparaged Nick and Threadwatch over at Slashdot...gee, I wonder why they don't want it in their news section?

(Sorry, I don't have the links handy for the above happenings.)


This looks like a handjob.

Yes well, at least Nick got something out of the fling, no matter how quick it may have been...


I agree, stay independent. For this site to grow the way its been you need to be able to speak your mind without worrying who you are going to offend. Of course you still have adsense ;).



The "public company" called Google... "blows"...the rest of the world will come to this conclusion within a year.

If you are a stock trader...better start "selling short" right after yahoo & MSN come out with their "google adsense".

Hey...I do not makem up...just callem like I see them.


How does this guy qualify as a news source? He is now in Google news he was PRWEB.


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Average Per Day 23,015
Average Visit Length 0:14
Last Hour 1,328
Today 15,641
This Week 161,104
Source: sitemeter



Yeah that KNTimes really irks me. They come up on whole bunch of stuff with real shite. This so feels like handjob it's not even funny.


They buy a cheap news feed and put it up in front and then they slap a bunch of press releases in the back. There are a couple of Indian sites like that. You would think they would be making enough money to at least hide their stats.


That site is garbage. Good thing they're really focusing on keeping great sites in and kicking poor quality sites out. bleh.


In out, in out, you shake it all about...

Someone will get fired..

The suit that objects to TW will go into orbit

Out of curiousity

Did you check the email headers to ascertain that it was genuine?


of course, and to answer nffc's original Q, no.

In out, in out, you shake it all about...

Maybe the change will happen next update? I doubt the hand job happened as they sent to email - too, too complicated.

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