goes Live with 3.2 Billion Index

Source Title: Goes Live With 3.2 Billion Pages
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The new US shopping search engine from Michael Yang and Yeogirl Yun, has unvieled a 3.2 billion page index and dropped it's Beta label...'s new index includes over 3.2 billion pages of shopping related information from more than 40 million web sites. "This is a huge landmark for us," said Yeogirl Yun, founder, chairman and CTO. "By focusing our web crawling capability on U.S. sites that provide product research and buying information, has created the most comprehensive search engine for online shoppers less than one-year into our technology development," continued Yun.

Remember, these guys think is spam proof


where is the relevancy?

Sorry, but what a poor algo! It seems to be so 'authority-centric' -- ranking seems to have little to do with page topic, just the phrase being on an authority site is enough for that page to rank.

I could see how they would call this spam-proof, but it is also going to be user-proof too, who would use this?

I like...

how they index Teoma search results

also gotta agree w Littleman as it is a bit weird how random off topic pages rank well for just being on a sub page. I mean, when I search for Viagra and the only way I get the official site is en Espanol at #8 that really does not get it done.

If an algorithm like this became prominent people would just host content pages on popular sites more frequently (spam always evolves as it must), plus the lack of relevancy is a big price to pay to try to be spam proof.

Regardless of the algo...

...their database could have been a lot bigger if their bot wasn't so "Taz"-like, moving around like a whirlwind and looking for more to eat at the same spot over and over again.

Got lots of people to block the bot. Heh. Silly.

BTW seobook, why are you searching for that?

user proof

Maybe, but to be fair they say " We find buying guides, articles, forums, reviews, specs
and information from across the web to help you buy the right product.", I think you are supposed to click the ads to the right to buy!

As if the web didn't have enough fake review sites at it is.....

Just a hint at what they are upto, try adding +shopping +cart to your search.

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