Google's 15-minute video on how to create an SEO & online strategy using Webmaster tools


Precious! Here we've been trying to figure out an SEO and online strategy, when Google has all the answers! Using its Webmaster tools, it's so easy! Why the fuss?

Sit back, relax, and Google will walk you through it.  ;)


Precious indeed. I like how

Precious indeed. I like how she uses "make-believe" a lot. :)

Oh, and it's special how she talks about knowing the search phrases visitors are using. ;)

Yes, very precious - and special :)

I couldn't help but laugh out loud through this canned piece of Google PR bullshit. Yes, let's "make-believe" we have search query data to begin with...Hah! ;)

What a joke!

She never mentions anything about SEO."'re not alone". Duh.

15 minutes of my life I can't get back! Ugh!

What a joke is right!

That's why I referred to it as "precious" - should've said "precious time wasted". Ack!

Google's Way

Indeed Google has the best explanations when it comes to those things. They are the search engine that has to be pleased and it is just natural that people should follow their rules. However, if there is an easier way out, then, that is also worth-considering. 

Google's 15-minute video on how to create an SEO & online strate

thanks for this great video,this might enhance my career.thank you for posting and share it to others people who seeks this kind of topic.more power and more helpful post i nthe future.

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